Sensational Sophomore- Nevin Wood


Myranda Mamat

Nevin Wood is this month’s Sensational Sophomore.

Nevin Wood is known for pulling the baseball team through a game, recently pitching the Devils to a playoff win against Bedford.  That is why Nevin is our Sensational Sophomore this month.

Nevin’s favorite sport is baseball because he’s played it since he was little.

“I love baseball because I’ve had a strong passion for the game since I was little. I also am grateful to be playing with D-1 Chad Luensmann and to get to learn and experience so much,” said Nevin

Nevin’s favorite thing about going to Bellwood-Antis is the atmosphere.

“I get to see my friends everyday and I really enjoy coming everyday,” he said.

His favorite thing about sophomore year was having Ms. Shimel.

“I really like not having as much homework as I did in my freshman year. I also enjoy having Ms. Shimel her classes are always fun and interesting,” said Nevin.

Nevin’s least favorite thing about sophomore year was taking Keystones.

“I really wasn’t looking forward to it,” he said.

Advice Nevin would give his freshman self would be,

“I would definitely tell myself to put sunscreen on every time I go outside even if it is snowing out.”