Sensational Sophomores: Noah Aiken

Tri-sport athlete enjoys being a part of B-A tradition


Myranda Mamat

Noah Aiken plays football, basketball and Track & Field for the Blue Devils.

Noah Aiken, a hard-working, dedicated athlete and student, is this week’s Sensational Sophomore!

Noah’s Extra Curricular activities include football, basketball, and track and field. He has been playing football since he was seven or eight years old. Noah started playing basketball two years ago, and he started track last year as a freshman.

If Noah had to choose a favorite sport he would choose football because he fell in love with it since day one. Football pushes him to his limits to become mentally and physically stronger so he can be a better competitor in all three sports.  He likes being able to meet new people and hangout with his teammates.

Besides being a successful triathlete, Noah enjoys school. His favorite class is science because he thinks it is fun and very interesting.

Noah is proud to be a student of the Bellwood-Antis High School because of its reputation for having very successful sports programs. He is happy to attend a small school where everyone knows everyone.

The BA Blueprint asked Noah some questions:

The BluePrint: What positions do you play in football and basketball?

Noah Aiken: In football I tackle on offense, and I’m on a defensive end. In basketball, I’m either a power forward or a center.

The BluePrint: What events do you do in track and field?      

Noah Aiken: I do shotput, discus, and javelin.

The BluePrint: What are your academic and athletic goals?

Noah Aiken: My personal goals for sports is to play a sport in college, but my goal for this year is to win districts for football. My goal for school is to get honor roll every year.

The BluePrint: What is your biggest athletic accomplishment?

Noah Aiken: My biggest accomplishment in sports is winning lineman of the year last year.

The BluePrint: Who do you admire the most out of the BA coaching or teaching staff?

Noah Aiken: Coach Hayes because besides myself, he pushes me.

The BluePrint: How do you think your teams will do this year?

Noah Aiken: I think our teams can be very good, we just need to work hard.