Feature Teacher: Mr. Goodman


John Goodman

Mr. Goodman and his family on a hiking trip across Canoe Creek.

Ninth grade Earth Science teacher Mr. Goodman has overcame many obstacles during his lifetime, both in and out of school, which is part of the reason the BluePrint decided to honor him as this month’s high school Feature Teacher.

The BluePrint has gotten an inside look into the adventurous life that he lives.

Mr. Goodman has been teaching here at Bellwood-Antis for 25 years, but his accomplishments out of the classroom are even more remarkable. Mr. Goodman has hiked mountains, kayaked, flown a plane, and even participated in ice climbing, trekking inside a glacier on Mt. Rainier!

Goodman participates in Wallyball at Penn State Altoona, swimming, and running on a regular  basis, recently completing 5K and 10K races.

Though he has sustained injuries, such as tearing tendons, lacerations from power tools, and broken fingers, the feeling of satisfaction that he gets after completing a physical activity ensures that he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

However, while Mr. Goodman is extremely adventurous now, his life didn’t always show signs of activity.

“I was born with a heart defect,” Mr. Goodman shared. “The first 10 years of my life I was held back from normal activities. When I was 11,  I had open-heart surgery, and when I  was cleared from all restrictions, I was determined to live life to its fullest.”

He feels as though his kids will follow in his footsteps, saying that they are already daredevils like their father.

When I was 11 and was cleared from all restrictions, I was determined to live life to its fullest.

— Mr. Goodman

“Bugs are the only thing they seem to be afraid of,” he said.

Mr. Goodman said he will never stop being so active, saying, “Stressing my body and mind reminds me how alive I can feel. I hope I can always continue!”

Mr. Goodman said that his goals are “to help students succeed, be a great father to my children, a great husband to my wife, be more active in my church, and take time to enjoy life.”