National Technology Day

Myranda Mamat

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Technology is a fact of life celebrated today.

National Technology Day is January 6. Over the last few decades technology has advanced beyond everyone’s imagination allowing people to get together to create some of the greatest advances to civilization has known.

The obvious game-changer advancement is the internet: it put everything humans know about anything at the click of a mouse.

The not-so-obvious: something like refrigeration: it keeps food from spoiling allowing the food to be kept longer and us not have to keep food with salt.

It’s all technology and celebrated today.

Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple Inc developing the iMac, the revolutionary iPhone, iPad, and iTunes which is the biggest seller of music.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen were founders of Microsoft 40 years ago.  They are the creators of the most used computer operating system which is used everywhere around the world every day.

At Bellwood technology plays a huge part in our school from the morning news broadcast, to the online newspaper you are reading right now.

Ms. Forshey, leader of high school tech club, says that technology has evolved over the last ten years in teaching.

“Teacher and students are utilizing tools to participate in lessons and most importantly, to demonstrate learning through the creation of projects. Many tasks we use to complete with paper and pencil are now being done vis a tool or online resource,” said Ms. Forshey

She also thinks that the new technology in medicine and science that are here today are amazing.

“I sometimes shake my head in disbelief over the capabilities of these items that’s saying something form someone who uses all kinds of technology, both personally and professionally,” she said.

The advancements make in the last 20 years has been revolutionary and there is more to come in just the next few years.  Imagine what life will be like in the next 20 years!

“I can’t even imagine what will be developed nest, but I’m looking forward to it!  I already feel like we’re living in a real-life episode of the Jetson’s!” she said.