Fab Freshman: Jestelynn Heaton


Makala Doyle

This month’s FAB Freshman is Jestelynn Heaton.

This month’s Fab Freshman is Jestelynn Heaton.

When she isn’t in school working towards good grades, or participating in Aevidum, you can find Jestelynn practicing anytime that she can for volleyball and softball.

Here at school, Jestelynn’s goal for the rest of the school is year to maintain high honor roll.

She is a great at volleyball, but an even better teammate and friend.”

— Mackenzie Doyle

When asked how she felt about her first year of high school, Jestelynn said, “This year was a fun experience. I got to take a bunch of new classes and even have classes with people that I had never had classes with before.”

This year, Jestelynn said that her favorite class was Health.

“Health with Mrs. Nyman was my favorite class. There wasn’t a day that we didn’t laugh or make jokes about what we were learning about. It was a very fun class,” she said.

Jestelynn loves spending time with her friends and just having fun.

Not only is Jestelynn a great student, but also a great teammate. She has played volleyball for about seven years.

“I played volleyball with Jestelynn in Swashbuckler’s and Jr. High volleyball. She is a great at volleyball, but an even better teammate and friend,” Mackenzie Doyle said.

Along with volleyball, she also has played softball for the past two years.

Jestelynn says that she has had a great year this school year, and she can’t wait for the next few years to come and all of the memories that will be made!