Is cyber school really that cool?

Online learning is usually thought to be an easy way to get through schooling. You get to sleep in, do your work whenever you want, and go about your day. Seems perfect, right?

On the contrary, cyber and home schooling isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It takes dedication and hard work in order to stay afloat.

Though Cyber School definitely has some perks, the bad aspects outweigh the good aspects in many occasions.

Some of the many disadvantages are the little amounts of interaction between the kid and other people his age, the increase of work that has to be done, and the amount of self-discipline it takes to get stuff done on time.

My mom didn’t have the time to teach me, so I almost failed 5th grade

— Rozalyn Yancey

“Cyber schooled kids have to have the drive to accomplish their school work,” said Mr. Naylor. “These kids are expected to do more and get things done on their own before the deadline approaches.”

Home schooling, which may include online and cyber elements, is on the rise nationally. Senior Rozalyn Yancey was home-schooled, but wasn’t too fond of the idea.

“It was terrible and boring. My mom didn’t always have the time to teach me, so I almost failed 5th grade,” she said. “You didn’t get to socialize with anyone. I was stuck talking to my family the entire time.”

These kids have to be able to work independently and make sure things get done without the constant reminders of anyone else. These kids need a good work ethic and the will power in order to succeed on their own, a feat that isn’t easily accomplished.