Annual Arts Night set to show


Makala Doyle

Arts Night has been a major success for the Art Department under the direction of Leah McNaul.

Nathan Davis, Staff Writer

Tonight is the 7th Annual Arts Night here at Bellwood-Antis, and if it shapes up to be anything like it has been in the past, it could be quite the show.

High school and middle school art teacher, Mrs. Leah McNaul, has been working tirelessly in order to put on the best show possible.

“The first two years were very difficult to plan,” she explained.  “Initially, the preparation would take about three weeks.”

“Since then, I’ve definitely gotten better.  It’s down to a science now,” Mrs. McNaul added.

With every year, Arts Night has added more and more to its make-up so that it not only includes paintings and drawings, but all manner of projects.

“This year, Mrs. Reitz is doing a project called “Mad-Plaid World” which is a spinoff from Alice in Wonderland,” said Mrs. McNaul.

McNaul went on to say, “In fact, we have quite a few more projects and musical performers than in the past.”

In past years, anywhere from 300-500 people have showed up to Arts Night and enjoyed to culture filled social event.

“We’re also featuring the science event in the middle school,” Mrs. McNaul said.  “This should make it easier since it’s all in the same building.”

Mr. Patrick Sachse is also coordinating a number of musical performances tonight.

“We have a handful of student rock groups who will be performing,” Sachse remarked.  “There will even be some jazz band groups starting around 5:40-45.”

In addition to that music, there will be a few self-rehearsed high school “Chamber Groups”.

“A big thank you goes out to Kermit Foor,” Sachse added.  “He will be projecting the special on the TV screen in the lobby and will be doing some microphone work as well.”

Arts Night starts at 5 P.M., come and check out this year’s projects and performances!