Service Paws for Pets is looking for pop tabs


Kerry Naylor

The more pop tabs you bring to school, the more B-A can donate to Service Paws for Pets.

Anson Jones, Staff Writer

Once again, the Bellwood-Antis School District will be holding the Service Paw fundraiser this year.

Last year B-A collected 426 pounds of pop can tabs and raised $200 for the project, which provides money for the training of service dogs.

A plastic jug will be placed in classrooms throughout the District by Mrs. Linda Noonan, a reading teacher at Myers Elementary. Students will be encouraged to bring in their pop tabs.

Mrs. Noonan will be coming into classrooms periodically and collecting the jugs.

One pound of pop tabs is worth 50 cents. In total, the school raised 426 pounds last year.

Last year B-A collected 426 pounds of pop can tabs and raised $200 for the project”

Mrs. Noonan said she has set a lofty goal of 1,000 pounds for this year.

The fundraiser will kick off in the next couple of weeks and it will carry out throughout the year.  You can help with this fundraiser by saving your pop tabs and donating them in the jugs placed in you classroom. Spread the word and bring in your summer collection of pop tabs and get this fundraiser started out right.

Mrs. Noonan is gathering plastic jugs now to place in classrooms.

According to Mrs. Noonan, the BluePrint and school media centers were tremendous help with this success.  The Service Paw foundation raises money to provide families with a service dog if they have a loved one in need.

Mrs. Noonan relayed a story in which a military families’ young son with autism recently got a service dog, and the money raised in the fundraiser raised enough money to provide him a service dog.