Bellwood-Antis Students Donate Treats for Troops

Students Send 400 Easter Bags to Troops Overseas

Bellwood-Antis Students Donate Treats for Troops

In March, Bellwood-Antis High School partnered Military Families Ministry to pack and send Easter Treat Bags to soldiers deployed overseas. Each student also wrote a letter to a service member to include in his or her treat bag.

There were about 400 treat bags that were made.

High school students were asked to donate items that were assigned to their grade.

9th grade: Food or protein bars, individual peanut butter

10th grade: Easter candy small individually wrapped pieces)

11th grade: Fruit or other small snacks, nuts and trail mixes

12th grade: Slim Jims and individual drink mixes (for water bottles)

High School Principal Mrs. Hartsock thought that this project was a great success and that the Helping Hands club was a big help in donating items. These treats are being sent to Afghanistan.

The event was sponsored by Tracie Ciambotti who happens to be Myer’s Principal Mrs. Harpster’s sister. She thinks it’s important for high school students to participate because doing anything for the military is the best life lesson we can get. It brings the soldiers a lot of joy to know they areappreciated for what they do.

Mrs. Hartsock said, “I would absolutely do it again next year.”