Julie Norris

Ms. Hull is busy preparing for the spring musical, Footloose.

Cazen Cowfer, Staff Writer

Ms. Beth Hull is the middle school/high school music teacher. She teaches chorus, helps with musicals, and teaches theater class.

No one really understands how much she does for the school.

Ms. Hull has very busy days starting early in the morning.

“I wake up at 4:30, get ready for work. Then I drive the two-hour drive to Bellwood,” Ms. Hull said.  “I work all day. I usually come home at 8:30, but I’m home now at 9:30 because of musical practices. I’ll come home and see my folks, then I go to bed really late. I also have church work that I do. I love summer because I don’t have that much work to do. Plus, I get to go to the beach for a week.”

Bellwood is going to be performing Footloose for the spring musical this year. Ms. Hull is at every rehearsal, plus she does after school practices.

The kids are doing a great job. They’re the ones pulling this musical together.

— Ms. Hull

“I don’t mind being at the school all the time. I just wish there were more hours in a day because I have so much work to do,” said Ms. Hull.

Although she is not the play’s director, Ms. Hull helps at practice every night. Footloose practice is almost over, but there are still really long dress rehearsals and running through each act.

“This is actually smooth sailing. The kids are doing a great job. They’re the ones pulling this musical together. It really has not been hard working on the musical,” said Ms. Hull.

Without Ms. Hull, the theater program would be a mess. No one could thank Ms. Hull enough for all that she does for her students. She had big shoes to fill after Mrs. Wright and Mr. Bower retire several years ago, but she has certainly done her best at teaching, and bringing joy to the kids.

“I love that Ms. Hull has a lot of one on-one time with her students. She wants them to be better performers,” said junior Robert Vankirk.