Students of the week


The middle school students of the week from left to right are Rushali Patel, Patrick Coakley, Caleb Beiswenger, and Jessie Corrado.

John Kost, Staff Writer

Jessie Corrado, 5th grade, was chosen by the 5th Grade Teachers “because she is a pleasure to have in class, excellent academic student and follows classroom rules”.

In 6th Grade, Caleb Beiswenger was nominated by the 6th Grade Team “because he is cooperative, courteous, and works well with others. Caleb is hardworking and a pleasure to have in class”.

Patrick Coakley, 7th Grade, was selected by the 7th Grade teachers “because he is pleasant, hardworking, and very helpful to his peers. Patrick also is cooperative, compliant, and courteous”.

And finally, Rushali Patel was nominated by the 8th grade team “because she is cooperative, hardworking, and focused. She is a pleasure to have in class”.