Kamryn Mercer Prepares to Serve the Ball against Juniata Valley. (Julie Norris)

Jake Miller, Sports Writer

The Lady Blue Devil volleyball team won their opener in dramatic fashion on Tuesday this week. The girls overcame a 2-1 rally, winning the game 3-2.

A big part of this comeback was Bellwood’s ability to never give up. They were tenacious, and had a never say die attitude throughout the game. Leading this effort was Kamryn Mercer.

Mercer, a senior, is a natural leader on the court, leading both with her play and with her ability to keep a young Blue Devil team together.

Mercer is very proud of her team, “My favorite part about playing is working with my team, not only to win, but to have fun!” she said.

This contagious work ethic Mercer has been able to spread throughout the team started in the summer.

“I’ve practiced a lot at home and played with friends in the off-season to improve,” Mercer remarked.

Mercer set goals for herself and the team before the season started. Mercer said she’d like to keep working hard as a team, “to be the best we can be, and to go to (the) playoffs once again!”

After starting the season 2-0, Mercer’s lofty goals for the season look achievable and perhaps more than that.