Four MS students recognized for their work


Courtesy photo

(L to r): Gabriella Musselman, Alyson Partner, Alyssa Sacchitella, and Macy Cherry are the newest middle school students of the week.

Riley Miller, Staff Writer

Four new students have been chosen as this week’s middle school Student of the Week.

Macy Cherry has been chosen by the fifth grade teachers because “she is a conscientious student, a pleasure to have in class and always follows school rules.  She is a great role model for her peers.”

In the sixth grade, Alyssa Sacchitella was nominated by the Sixth Grade Team because “she is respectful, responsible, and conscientious student.  She works well with others and maintains a positive attitude.”

Alyson partner was selected by the seventh grade teachers because “she is a conscientious student with a pleasant disposition who is a hard worker and very polite.”

Chosen by the Eighth Grade Team, Gabriella Musselman was selected because “she is polite, respectful, academically motivated, responsible, trustworthy, and an absolute please to have in class.”