FAB FRESHMAN: Landon Bungo


Kaelynn Behrens

Landon Bungo is a freshman who keeps himself busy.

Landon Bungo is this week’s Fab Freshman

He is a great friend and a very supportive person, who loves to playing football, wrestling, track and Fortnite.

“Caroline Nagle is my role model because she is a very positive and outgoing person,” Bungo said.

His best friends are Alex and Aiden Taylor, Jordan Irvin and Ty Noonan.

Landon describes himself as supportive, funny and a winner.

After school he’s usually really busy, whether it’s because of sports or because he’s too caught up into getting those dubs on fortnite.

“Landon is a great friend, when he’s not beating me at imessage games. He’s always making me laugh and giving me goldfish. He’s so nice and funny, he’s just a great friend and an overall great person,” Caroline Nagle said.

“Landon is a nice student and very helpful. He always has a smile on his face and he’s very friendly.”