The ninth annual Arts Night is coming Friday


Kaelynn Behrens

BA art classes prepare for their 9th annual arts night event.

Julianna Norris , Copy/Page Editor

Bellwood-Antis takes pride in having an abundance of talented musicians and artists. That’s why on March 23, 2018, B-A is hosting the ninth annual arts night.The entire school will be covered from the floor to the ceiling in artwork created by the students. There will also be displays created by the home economics club, music played by the high school band, and different activities such as face painting provided by the different art classes.

Mrs. Leah McNaul, the high school art teacher, puts up different works of art made by students throughout the year. With the help of her daily art classes, the artwork is placed from the main lobby to the middle school cafeteria. Also, the art students are providing face painting in the main lobby.

In addition to the artwork, the home economics club is creating a display inside the shared hallway. This year, the theme of this display is recycling, and they are making different snacks and punch as refreshments to serve along with it.

Ms. Valerie Harris, the home economics teacher and club adviser, says that she is proud of all the work her students have put in to make this arts night special.

“I am very proud of my girls. They have such an initiative to help out wherever they can by making cookies or brownies for different events. This year, the girls came up with a recycling theme, and they made purses out of tee-shits and made homemade cakes with the recycling symbol on them,” said Ms. Harris.

The band also does its part in making arts night the best night of the year, as they play a variety of different songs throughout the night. The groups are primarily student led, so they get to choose their own music and play it together without the instruction of a band director. Also, the percussion section plays multiple pieces in their own ensemble.

Arts night runs from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, so come and check out artwork and music made by the talented students of Bellwood-Antis.