ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Emily Fosselman


Sidney Patterson

Emily Fosselman is this weeks artist of the week!

Art teacher Mrs. Leah McNaul says Emily Fosselman is gifted in art.

“But that doesn’t stop her from working hard in the art room to improve her ability. She’s open to instruction and constructive criticism,” Mrs. McNaul Said.

Emily Fosselman is this week artist of the week. Emily loves to paint flowers and landscapes.

“I love to paint them mainly because it captures shadowing and variation in color,” Emily said.

She says that her best/ favorite medium (painting, pencil, charcoal and more) is acrylic paint because you can do so many different things with it.

She is inspired by taking and everyday object and being able to change it up and make it interesting

“As an artist you can bend the laws of physics and it’s really fun and challenge.

Emily says it’s important to have art in your life because it’s a form of self-expression.

She says she gets lost in the colors and shadows; it calms her down.

Emily’s biggest lesson she learned from art class here at BA is to challenge yourself

“If you have experience in the medium or style then challenge yourself with a new object, you will always learn new things that way,” Emily says.