FAB FRESHMAN: Jaidyn McCracken


Emma Chronister

Jaidyn McCracken is this week’s Fab Freshman.

Jaidyn McCraken was picked to be a freshman feature this week. She has had a great high school year so far. She said there is more freedom in the high school and she likes the high school better than the middle school.

Jaidyn’s high school experience has been great

“It has been great. Many upper classman helped me fit in.”

She likes high school better then middle school because there is more freedom. “High school because there’s freedom, there is more ways to express yourself, and the teachers are nicer.”

Jaidyn’s favorite part about high school is being able to chew gum. “My favorite part is being able to chew gum and getting to go to the media center more.”

She feels safe being at a school with guards and higher security “The guards are nice and I know that I can talk to them when I need to.