Artist of the Week: Haley Campbell


Sakeria Haralson

Haley Campbell has been making strides in art class.

Jestelynn Heaton, Staff Writer

This week’s Artist of the Week is sophomore, Haley Campbell. 

 She has had a strong passion for art quite a while, starting in fifth grade. After moving up to the middle school from Myers, Haley was given more opportunities to have her art interest grow with the availability of high school sketchbooks and singing choir.  

Haley enjoys practicing art for several reasons. One includes the fact that art is something she has always done, and by doing art, it helps her find a relaxed state.  

“Art also is a great creative outlet for me,” said Haley.  

According to Haley, drawing is the form of art that she enjoys the most because she is the best at that form. On the other side of the spectrum, she wants to try and improve her level of fear in drawing and painting.  

“I mainly stick to realism and making sure everything is perfect to me. So, I wish to have a more open mind and start doing more abstract pieces,” Haley responded when asked about what she wants to improve.  

Even though she has two more years of high school, Haley already has an idea of what she wants to do later in life: continue to do art.  

“I would like to go into technology, and I found art in a way still has an influence in that work field,” said Campbell.  

Haley is already using her art skills outside of the classroom. She volunteers at soaring Heights, a school for children with autism, and she finds herself using her art abilities in several ways including creating activities, worksheets, or even decorating a classroom.