mini-THON holding Stall Day Thursday


Alivia Jacobs

Bring in your change tomorrow for Stall Day.

Hope Shook, Staff Writer

On February 14, Mini-Thon will be having a “Stall Day” for both the middle school and high school students, as well as students at Myers Elementary.

Students should bring is as much change as possible, and first period teachers must count all the change before they can start class for the day. If  the teachers can’t count all the change before the end of the period, then the students don’t have first period that day.

The THON committee has several other fundraisers planned between now and the March 1 mini-THON date, but Stall Day is one of the last big ones.

“This is one of our last big pushes before mini-THON actually happens,” said mini-THON fundraising chair Alivia Jacobs.

Faculty advisor Mr. Matthew McNaul said Stall Day is a major part of the fundraising effort.

“Stall Day is important because we typically raise over $1,000 in the high school alone, and now by adding the middle school and elementary school we are hoping to raise a few $1,000,” said Mr. Matthew McNaul, mini-Thon adviser.

As always this fundraiser is not mandatory, but students’ participation is valued. All change and funds raised through “Stall Day” go towards mini-THON’s school goal of $15,000, which then goes to the Four Diamonds Foundations, which gives financial assistance to families of children with cancer. 

mini-THON representatives have been tight-lipped about this year’s fundraising, other than to say they are very pleased with it so far and optimistic about reaching the group’s goal.

“I think we are doing significantly better than last year. A lot more companies and community members are willing to support us this year, which has been a huge help,” said Mya Decker, entertainment and operation chairman.

“I cannot allude to if we are going to reach the goal or not, but I can say that we are farther ahead than last year and that is because we have had more fundraisers this year than last,” said Mr. McNaul.