Sensational Sophomore: Brendon Miller


This weeks Sensational Sophomore is Brendon Miller!

Brendon Miller is this week’s sensational sophomore!

One Brendon’s biggest passions is music. Brendon is a percussionist.

“I love the feeling of keeping a rhythm, and I get to play xylophones, too, which are just a giant piano,” said Miller.

Brendon also really likes art. The teacher that has had the biggest impact on Brendon thus far is Mrs. McNaul because she has taught Brendon how to make great art and has always encouraged him to finish his projects.

Brendon’s favorite part of sophomore year has been Art’s Night because there was amazing art from all grades.  

Brendon’s favorite teacher has been Ms. Shimel. He got to know her a little bit this past summer as Ms. Shimel was in Brendon’s group in the music department’s Disney trip.

“She has a great personality,” said Miller.

Aside from finishing art projects and performing in the spring concert, one thing Brendon wants to accomplish by the end of the year is starting his YouTube channel back up. Brendon has 300 subscribers from the videos he used to make. He described them as weird; however, Brendon’s friends think he is a unique thinker.

“Brendon is an ‘out-of-the-box thinker,’” said Ethan Carper, one of Brendon’s friends.

Brendon is definitely one of the quieter students in the sophomore class, but he is one of the nicest people you’ll meet.

“Brendon has a gentleness to him. He is thoughtful and authentic and he takes time to ask how your day was,” said Mrs. McNaul.

Outside of school, Brendon has been trying to get outside and enjoy nature more. He also likes to be on Instagram and Twitter. Brendon will also occasionally post digital art.

Brendon also has a passion for video games.

“Nintendo games have always been nothing short of amazing,” said Miller.   

While Brendon really likes Mario games, lately he has been playing a lot of “Indie” games. These are games that aren’t made by a big company and they tend to be more creative.

During the summer, Brendon wants to go to “Sci-fi Valley Con” at the Blair County Convention Center. He typically goes somewhere with his aunt and cousins. Him, his mom, and his brother will also go to see movies.