ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Dallas Smithmyer


Maria Cuevas

Dallas Smithmyer played Ryan Evans in High School Musial Jr.

This week’s Artist of the Week is freshman Dallas Smithmyer. Dallas recently participated in the middle school play, High School Musical Jr. 

Although he has only been in one play so far, he plans on being in more in the future. 

Participants in the play, which ran May 3-4, practiced for over two months. They had more than 20 practices prior to the opening night. 

Dallas not only practiced with the school, he also practiced on his one time as well. 

“I’d try to practice getting down the right notes for songs, practice the different dance moves for the songs, and go through some of the dialogue that my character had,” said Smithmyer.  

Dallas also sings in the high school choir.

When he’s not expressing himself musically, Dallas plays football and runs track.