FFA hosts petting zoo at Myers


Last week, Mr. Webreck and his FFA students set up a petting zoo at Myers Elementary for the third year.

On September 5th the Myers Elementary had a petting zoo on the playground, coordinated by the Bellwood-Antis FFA. This is Mr. Webrecks 3rd year doing this for the kids. He does this to introduce agriculture to young children to explain where food and fiber come from.

“The little kids enjoy it and the older kids get to work with the animals and kids,” said Mr. Webreck.

The elementary students seemed to really enjoy looking around at all the animals. They got the opportunity to hold a bunny, a chick, and a baby duck if they wanted to.  Kindergartner Eric Johnson was asked what he liked about the petting zoo. He said, “I like the horses.”

Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Coho said, “It’s really nice doing this because the students get to see different animals that they normally don’t see.”

Senior FFA member Avery Parshall said, “I like interacting with the little kids and learning about different animals,” while sophomore Tom Whiteford said, “I like this because it’s fun to help the kids learn about animals.”