Maria Cuevas

Mrs. Hoffer has been a teacher at B-A since 2007.

Maria Cuevas, Multimedia Editor

 This weeks Feature Teacher is an elementary school teacher. It’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Daniel Hoffer!

Mrs. Hoffer has been teaching in the elementary school since the spring of 2007. Her favorite part of teaching is everyday being different.

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Mrs. Hoffer was born in Bellwood and when she graduated from college there were still people she knew in the school and so she was very comfortable working in the elementary school.

“I’m home grown and I’ll probably never leave,” she said.

Mrs. Hoffer decided to be a teacher because she feels like she could make a difference in the young kids lifes. Her love of children growing up has also played a role in her decision to teach.

“Honestly,the biggest challenge in today’s students is instability at home,” Mrs. Hoffer said. “For a lot of students, school is a safe place. When they leave school they might not have a very stable home and I think sometimes that obviously comes here to school and affects them here.”

In her free time, Mrs. Hoffer loves to be with her two daughters when she’s not teaching. Her daughters are Adeline who is 3 and Anderson (Andie) who is 16 months.