Caroline Nagle

Olivia Bailor is preparing for a big role in Your a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Renee VanProoyen, Staff Writer

The Artist of the Week is Olivia Bailor. She is a senior who participates in chorus. 

Olivia has been singing for the past 8 years and she may join choir in college. She recently learned she will be playing Snoopy in this year’s school musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Music teacher Ms. Beth Hull says, “Olivia Bailor is an enthusiastic and focused performer. She is determined to share her best with others and she continues to evolve daily as a musician and performer. As Snoopy in our school musical production, she is certain to entertain and inspire up-coming performers.”

As much as she enjoys singing, Olivia likes the acting aspect of chorus more than the actual singing. She likes telling stories through song.

“I think music will always be a part of my life,”says Olivia.

She is also actively involved in theater and track and field. Outside of school she is training her dog for therapy work.