Haley Campbell

Emma Corrado has impressed Ms. Harris with her cooking skills.

Our Artist of the Week this week is Emma Corrado.

Emma is a sophomore who was noticed by Ms. Valarie Harris for her cooking abilities.

She likes baking and her favorite thing to bake is pie and muffins. She said she enjoys making new things and learning how to do it for the future.

“Making something that turns out better than you wanted can always be rewarding,” says Emma.

Outside of school she doesn’t cook much because she’s busy at work, the gym, or practice. Emma is a triathlete, participating in cross country, swimming, and track. 

She is also in speech league and band. Emma is an excellent speaker who went to districts and nationals as a freshman.

In her free time she likes playing Xbox, swimming, tennis, going to the gym and cooking when she can.

Ms. Harris say, “She’s a great cook and knows how to read a recipe.”