BA HISTORY 101: school lunches


Corbin Nale

Students today often complain about school lunches, but the pursuit of healthy meals in schools is nothing new.

Even Thirty years ago, American schools were working to ensure healthy lunches at schools.   

According to BluePrint archives, in 1989, an instructor in nutrition from Penn State concluded that Bellwood’s lunch menu “has an excellent profile.”

Government recommendations had revealed that consumers should limit their sodium intake to 3300 milligrams or less per day. B-A was good in that area.

Thirty years ago, the Cafeteira Manager was Mrs. Trudy Sneath. Now at Bellwood there is a Nutrition Group and Taylor Danko is in charge of it. The Nutrition Group is a private company that serves lunches in a number of schools in our area. 

Michelle Obama’s lunch plan started in the school year 2012-2013 and it aimed to improve school lunches for all, but not without grumbling and controversy.  Each year 21.5 million USA children receive a free lunch or reduced-price lunch at school.