Super Senior – Rebecca


Rebecca Burns is very excited for her senior year. Her favorite class this year is CHS debate. She said this is because we discuss real world events and debate has taught her to research both sides of an argument before deciding her views on a topic. 


Rebecca plays volleyball as well as track and field, throwing discus is her favorite sport because she’s in control of her throws. Covid-19 has impacted all sports as we know, and Rebecca’s parents are limited to what games they are allowed to attend due to spectator limits. They have thankfully been able to attend a few volleyball games since the season has started.


Some things that Rebecca likes to do outside of school is relax and listen to music as well as play video games like Minecraft, the Sims 4, and Stardew Valley. 


Rebecca plans to attend Penn State University and major in psychology. Afterwards she plans to go to graduate school in order to get her PHD and become a professor of psychology. She said she is going to miss the wonderful Bellwood community, but is looking forward to the next chapter of her life and all that it has to offer.