Keeping Up With The Teachers Of Bellwood-Antis: Mrs. Trexler


Abigail Eckenrod

Mrs. Trexler’s doing amazing in the middle school!

This school year is almost a fourth over already, and there have been quite a few changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the beginning of this year. Between the lack of water fountains, half-day-Fridays, and many more things adding on by the day, no one has stopped to ask the teachers for their opinions on these issues and topics… until now.

This week, I was fortunate enough to gain the privilege of speaking to the former 1st grade teacher, who’s now teaching 6th grade,  Mrs. Trexler. A kindhearted person, she still has her opinions and stands by them. When asked how she felt Bellwood-Antis was handling the COVID-19 Pandemic, which took the world by storm in 2020, she responded, “I think Bellwood is handling it very well, and I think we’ve been doing a very good job staying within the restrictions. Overall, I feel like Bellwood is doing a fantastic job.”

In 2020, we’ve been forced to wear masks almost everywhere, but when Trexler was asked about restrictions in the school district, she responded. “I wouldn’t change or add anything we’re not already doing. The only thing I wish we had was more space since I love to incorporate partner work so that students are used to interacting with others, but due to social distancing guidelines, we aren’t able to let them get as close as we used to. Unfortunately, we can’t just close our eyes and wish for bigger classrooms.” I agree that bigger classrooms would be better in some instances such as this one, and it would be incredible for middle school rooms in general.

At Bellwood-Antis, I find it’s important to check up on teachers’ school years, so when asked how her year was going, Trexler replied, “The school year so far has been… different to say the least. I really love being in-person with the kids, so that’s definitely been a plus. It’s also been tremendously different from what we’re all used to. Personally, I like the kids sitting in groups and working together, and that’s been the biggest adjustment. Overall though, it’s still been a great year!”

In the end, Mrs. Trexler was still smiling and laughing like she normally does around everyone, even if it’s with a mask on. She gave us a quick tour of her new and improved classroom set up, and we got to see what her new teaching style was like. I’m glad she and her classes are all doing well, and I hope to be able to check up on her again soon!