Super Senior: John Sloey


Caroline Nagle

John Sloey is this week’s Super Senior!

John Sloey is this week’s super senior! Not only is John a stand up student with having been on honor roll every marking period, but he also is a part of chorus, NHS, track, and cross country. 

John’s favorite part of senior year was when Bellwood went virtual after Thanksgiving because he got to sleep in and did not have to get up until 8:00 am every day. 

In John’s free time, he likes to hang out with his family. John actually has four siblings, three of which are younger and to a lot of people, that may sound chaotic, but he loves it!

“My favorite part about being a big brother would have to be either watching them grow up overtime or being able to go to their sporting events,” John explained. 

John also likes to play video games in his spare time. His favorite game to play is rocket league. John plays with a bunch of different people, but he plays most with fellow Bellwood student, Zach Amato. 

When asked about playing with John, Amato responded with “he tries his best.” He continued on to say, “he is enjoyable to play with and he boosts my self esteem.” 

When not playing video games or hanging out with his family, John enjoys eating steak, watching Wandavision, and eating the occasional left Twix.

“I personally like the left Twix better because I prefer a crunchy and sweet candy bar over a sweet and crunchy candy bar,” John explained.