Linchpins: Nurse Hoover


Aarron Laird

Kelly Hoover has been the BA middle and high school nurse for 15 years.

There are so many students, staff, and teachers in the Bellwood-Antis School District who make a difference every single day. Most of them have many years in the school district, and it is no different for our school nurse Kelly Hoover.

Mrs. Hoover has been at Bellwood-Antis for 15 years. She says her favorite part about working at B-A is working with the kids and helping them with anything they need. The hardest part of her job is managing COVID-19 issues.

Friend and colleague Mrs. Allison Stinson said, “Kelly Brings not only a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of nursing, but also brings the ability to connect with students at all grade levels.”

On a normal day Mrs. Hoover  could deal with COVID issues, first aid on students, calling parents regarding student health concerns, fulfilling PA Department of Health Screening mandates, or sending home recaps on the screenings.

Throughout the year she is also responsible for taking height and weight, vision, hearing, and dental screenings, physicals, immunizations, and scoliosis checks.

Before the school year even begins, Mrs. Hoover provides training to teachers on life-saving procedures like using epi-pens and the external defibrillators found in several hallways throughout the school.

Victoria Jenkins, a freshman who sees Mrs. Hoover regularly, said, “Honestly, she’s done a lot and I’m very thankful for it, but if I had to choose one thing I appreciate most it would be¬† listening when I needed someone to talk to.

When she came to Bellwood-Antis, Mrs. Hoover took over for Mary Saylor after working as the nurse at Myers Elementary school for 5 years before that. She also substituted for Claysburg-Kimmel and Spring Cove School Districts.

Mrs. Hoover went to School to be a Registered Nurse and a Certified School Nurse.

Her impact on the day does not go unnoticed, and both the students and faculty at B-A know the school would not get along the same without her.

“Kelly is always available and willing to answer questions and provide help or care to students and teachers,” said Mrs. Stinson.

Thank you to Nurse Kelly for everything you have done. We are blessed to have you as our Nurse.