Class of 2023’s Senior Sunrise


Nick Lovrich

Seniors enjoying the sunrise together.

Bailee Conway, Staff Writer

The class of 2023 may be starting a new tradition at Bellwood Antis. On the first day of school, a majority of the senior class came to the school parking lot and watched the sunrise together. 

On August 25th, about 30 seniors came to the school parking lot around 6AM to enjoy the sunrise together on their final first day of high school. They shared doughnuts, blankets, and their final moments of summer before their senior year. The sunrise was a way of bringing the class together to start their senior year in a special and memorable way. They took pictures, laughed with their friends, and complained about how early it was.

Maliah Hassler, one of the seniors who helped organize the event, said, “It was an amazing way to start our senior year. It was so nice to start the year with everyone together since we won’t be here together much longer.” 

The seniors plan on coming back on their last day of high school and watching the sunset together to perfectly wrap up their final year of high school. The seniors hope that this can become a tradition with all the following graduating classes of BAHS seniors, as it was a special and notable way to start their final year of high school.