Junior powderpuff team is ready to go


Powderpuff football; November 7, 2021. (Morgan Kienzle)

Jase Hostler, Staff Editor

The junior powderpuff team will be looking to spring a huge upset during the annual football game between junior and senior girls on November 3.

This year’s season won last year as juniors and are looking for an undefeated high school career.

But this year’s juniors are an athletic bunch, with several varsity letter-winners on the squad.

When asked how he feels about the team so far, Coach Jayden Bartlebaugh said, “I’m feeling great. We have a great team here. I feel like we can beat these seniors. Its gonna be a tough game but I think we can prosper. We have that teamwork and that drive.”

The junior girls on the team are Chloe Hammond, Cami Focht, Ava Keinsinger, Kate Heisler, Olivia Hess, Kailyn Hinish, Rory Wolf, Chloe Brown, Lainey Quick, Jailyn Collup, Allison Nycum, Shawna Lovrich, Miranda Tornatore, Jessie Corrado, and Annie Bardell.

The coaches for the Junior team are; Jordan Hescox (Head Coach), Jayden Bartlebaugh (Quarterback Coach),  Robbie Kenner (Defensive Coach), Dalton Poorman (Wide Receiver Coach), Chance Schreier (Offensive Coach), Ethan Robertson, and Ben Ritchey.

The powderpuff football game has been a annual tradition for B-A ever since 2014, raising money for many different causes. It is sponsored by the Key Club. The coaches of the game are the junior and senior football players.

The junior team practices 2-3 times a week despite the weather.


  • Chloe Hammond IS projected for 350 rushing yards and 2 TD’s.
  • Ava Keinsinger IS projected to get 400 receiving yards and 5 TD’s.
  • Cami Focht IS projected to break 5 peoples collar bones.

Good luck to the girls participating in the game!