Feature Teacher: Mr. Carr


Jase Hostler

Mr. Carr is in his second year teaching chemistry at B-A.

This weeks’ feature teacher, Noah Carr, has worked at BA as a chemistry teacher for two years. Despite only teaching here a short time, his favorite memory was the recent Day of Giving this past thanksgiving.

In his free time, Mr. Carr likes to do things like gaming, roller skating, hiking, and traveling. His favorite food is anything buffalo chicken related.

Mr. Carr is most known at B-A for attending almost all student events such as football, basketball, and volleyball games.

“My favorite thing at B-A is supporting my students inside the classroom and outside the classroom for their extra curriculars,” he said.

It is no surprise that Mr. Carr’s favorite class in high school was chemistry, but when asked what his goal was when he was younger he revealed a different career path.

“I started college as a pre-med chiropractor major,” he said.

When asked what the biggest struggle is of becoming a teacher is, Mr. Carr says, “The biggest struggle of becoming a teacher would be organic chemistry.”

Thanks to Mr. Carr and good luck in the future.