SUPER SENIOR: Caden Nedimeyer


Tighe Eaken Jr.

Caden Nedimeyer sits patiently waiting for his day to start.

Tighe Eaken Jr., Staff Writer

Caden Nedimeyer is a senior at Bellwood-Antis who has been attending here since he was in kindergarten.

Caden is known throughout the school to have one of the most contagious laughs. Whenever you hear him laugh you can’t help but join no matter your mood.

Caden is active in the school, and shows his spirit by partaking in both the home economics and chess club 

Bellwood-Antis is a special place to Caden, because he shares a lot in common with his peers that attend school with him.

“It’s a place that shares a lot of my values,” he said.

Having Mr. Gary Rhone as a teacher is one of Caden’s favorite parts of his school days.

“Mr. Rhone teaches current events, which is my favorite class, and he is overall a very charismatic person. He always has something to add when conversing” Caden said. 

Caden, in his free time, likes to cook, where he specializes in smoked BBQs. He enjoys studying history and significant historical events that not many people know of, so that he can educate his friends and others. He also finds pleasure in playing World at War Zombies on Xbox with his friends.

After high school, Caden hopes to someday be a political figure, using his deep knowledge of politics and history, or to become a mobile electric contractor.