Jacob Hawn

Bailee Conway stars as Mrs. Lynch, the high school principal, in B-A’s production of Grease.

Olivia Hess, Staff Writer

The Bellwood-Antis Musical Department is hosting Grease this year. The play will take place March 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium, and the Saturday, with two separate times: 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm.   

Bailee Conway is playing the role of Miss Lynch, and is looking forward to it.

BLUEPRINT: What is your role in the musical?

Bailee: Miss Lynch.

BLUEPRINT: What is your favorite thing about being in the musical?

Bailee: The friendships I made within the cast.

BLUEPRINT: What made you decide to sign up for the musical?

Bailee: I wanted to break out of my shell and push myself to be my best, and I loved Grease and being in musical last year.

BLUEPRINT: Did you participate in the musical last year?

Bailee: Yes and it was the best time I’ve had in high school.

BLUEPRINT: What are you most excited for?

Bailee: My family to see it.

BLUEPRINT: What can the audience expect from this performance of Grease?

Bailee: A lot of laughs and nostalgia.

BLUEPRINT: Were you a Grease fan before this production?

Bailee: Yes

BLUEPRINT: Who is the sleeper character the audience will love and why?

Bailee: Probably Eugene the nerd, he’s hilarious