January 9th: Play God Day

Alexis Mayhue

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May Ray Day
May 19, 2015

Sky Writing Airplane Paul Brennan little Paul)

What would you do if you could be God for a day?

What are the chances of you having seen Bruce Almighty? You know, that movie with Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman? That movie is all about “What would you do if you were God for a day?” which is perfect for this week.

January 9th is Play God Day… which honestly can be kind of controversial.

What would you do if you had all that power? If you could walk on water and make a blind man see, would you? How would you change the world? Would you mess with people and do anything you can to help yourself? Or would you go out and use your power for good? Or maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t use these special powers at all.

Humans have always pictured the different aspects of playing God and what they can get out of it from the beginning of time. That’s not what this day is about. Today is all about looking past what you want for yourself and doing what you can to make another persons’ day.

Maybe that’s something as simple as making them smile or even helping your elderly neighbor shovel some snow.

Some of the more colorful answers came from two seniors. Jessica Wertz said, “I’d make myself rich—maybe be like Elsa and create a giant snow storm so we didn’t have to go to school.” Then there’s Dan Hollen’s answer: “I’d topple the government and become the world leader with Mr. McMinn as my adviser.”

Trenton Creppage and Tyler Shultz had the same answer, that they would want to help the needy and help feed Africa and just do what they could for anyone that in need.

Then there’s the typical answer that you would think of, the whole “walk on water” and “create stuff” that came from Nick Mallory and Brennan Mckendree.

But one student out of all the ones the BluePrint interviewed actually got the meaning behind Play God Day. When talking about today a couple students were debating over what to do, and one of them said they’d help the people in need.

And that’s when Kyler Lardieri stepped in saying, “You don’t have to be God to help.”

So ask yourself this, what are you willing to do to make even a small difference in the world? You don’t need all that power to make someone happy.