Codename: Pineapples


Mr. Naylor, Tara Naylor, and Grace

Alexis Mayhue, Staff writer

This article is more than just the teacher feature of the month—we (being the Blueprint staff) want to make this one a tad more special than the others.

A special edition, if you please.

Yeah, okay, so we kinda sorta went behind his back and planned it all out… but it was worth it all in the end.

From the death stares as we secretly left the room and the sassy remark, “I thought you’d come back with something since it was soooo important for you to leave,” when we returned, to the rushed saves and edits of this article, we wouldn’t do anything differently.

If you haven’t guess it yet, this is for Mr. Kerry Naylor (Kay Nay).

Mr. Naylor attended Lock Haven University and graduated in 1996. He moved on from there to teach at Tyrone for nine years. And from there? You guessed it, he came to Bellwood. Overall, he’s been teaching for eighteen years! Yeah, whoa!

He’s an advocate for his college, using any and every excuse to try and talk people into the wonderful school he attended. “Lock Haven has the best coffee—you need to go to Lock Haven.”

 “People don’t realize how much Mr. Nay Nay loves the Blueprint and the staff.  He goes out of his way to make the site the best it can be.” –Tessa Albert

When he’s not teaching the wonderful freshman (and occasional senior in CHS) of Bellwood-Antis, he’s out coaching his daughters’ sports teams, or running a couple miles at the gym.

But when he needs to get away for a while? A family trip to New York it is.

“He loves New York. The history, the sites— the bridges and architecture– all of it. It’s funny how into it he gets every time we go,” said his wife, Tara, who is an elementary school teacher here at Bellwood.

You might be wondering how we gathered up all of this information without him knowing—well, for one: we’re just that awesome. The other (legitimate) reason? We pulled together all of the resources we could to get as much information as possible.

With a random question thrown in every day we were able to get all of the necessary information to make this article the best it can be.

It sounds kind of easy, but really it wasn’t. Mr. Naylor is one of the hardest people to talk to when it comes to getting his attention. “I’ll be like, ‘hey! Mr. Naylor, I need you!’… he doesn’t come. Again, ‘Heeeeeeyyyy, Mr. Naylorrrrr! I need help!’ Once more, no response. ‘KayNayyyyy!!’ Finally, he looks at me. Then… he walks away. That is Mr. Kerry Naylor for you,” said Jess Salmon, a BluePrint staff member.

As you can see, when Mr. Naylor complains about putting up with us, really, it’s us who have to put up with him. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

That being said, have some more facts.

  • He’s married and has three kids.
  • He writes sports articles for the Daily Harold.
  • He reads books like his life depends on it.
  • He’s a funny guy with tons of awesome stories (ask him about the bear in the woods story).

All in all, he’s a great guy.