Got Skills?


Tessa Albert

Scott Pearce placed first in Carpentry at the Skills USA Competition!

Tessa Albert , Staff Writer

Recently one of our seniors won the Skills USA Competition at the Lebanon Expo Center in Hershey, PA.

The Skills USA competition is a competition for trade based careers like plumbing, carpentry, electricial, auto mechanic, and much more.

Scott Pearce was one of the 20 people competing in the carpentry trade.  Each competitor is given a project to compete in a specific amount of time.  No pressure right?

“My competition in carpentry was to build a 6’ x 10’ model house with all the basic structuring including walls, flooring, stair stringers, and roof rafters.”

“I was nervous at first, but then as I started building it just felt normal.”

“My CTC teachers helped prepare me for the competition by having me build what they believed the project would be.  They would make me practice every chance I could and he double checked that I had all the tools I needed.”

Only the first place winner moves onto the next competition.  Again no pressure…  Well Scott overcame that pressure and placed first and is now moving onto the next competition in Kentucky! He will be heading down there this summer from June 21st through the 28th.

“On placing first at states, I now move on to compete at nationals in Kentucky where I will be competing against 49 others from every state.”

If Scott wins in Kentucky this summer he will move on the international competition!  BEST OF LUCK TO YOU SCOTT!