Athlete of the Week: Alanna Leidig


Marissa Panisiti

Junior Alanna Leidig defending the ball at the Pink game.

Junior Alanna Leidig is a player you don’t often hear about.

When the Lady Blue Devils played the Trojans Leidig was player of the game on Max Prep scoring 10 points, four rebounds, and one steal.

Throughout the season Leidig is constantly getting better.

The Lady Blue Devils are on a four-win streak.

Their next game will be held tonight at Moshannon Valley @ 7:30.

BluePrint: How did you get involved with basketball?

Leidig: My parents signed me up for the rec center league when I was younger.

BluePrint: What position do you play?

Leidig: Guard.

BluePrint: What’s your favorite thing about the sport?

Leidig: Being with my friends and making memories.

BluePrint: How do you plan to improve from last season as an individual? As a team?

Leidig: I plan to be more confident this season than I was last season. As a team we plan to finish out our games and win a district championship.

BluePrint: What aspect of your game did you work on most in the off-season?

Leidig: My shooting and shooting off the dribble.

BluePrint: Have you ever wanted to quit basketball?

Leidig: I did at one time last year, but I’m glad I change my mine and stuck with it.

BluePrint: What was the main factor in your win over the Juniata Valley?

Leidig: Our on ball defense and our post players getting rebounds.

BluePrint: How do you predict the rest of your season will go?

Leidig: Pretty good. We will most likely win the rest of our season games and hopefully we win another ICC Championship and work towards winning a district medal.