Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

During the time between January and February I always start to feel that imaginary itch of the sweaters I’m wearing and the bland look that my face and neck are too many shades too light. It’s a clear sign that winter is longer and longer and summer seems so far away; it’s what many people refer to as Winter Blues.

The Winter Blues is something I describe as the time where you find those photos with all of your friends that you took on a long weekend last summer. When you miss the warm sun on your skin and the glowing than that made you look just that good.

It’s definitely harder to bite the winter blues then it is to give in to the sorrows of the endless summer that seems so far away. For me I always try to look for ways to bring a little summer to me or step back away from the winter cold that is here to stay.


Watch your favorite summer movie: an island getaway or summer day filled with swimming; summer movies always hit the spot. Watch Mamma Mia, Nowhere Boy, Ferris Bullers Day Off, or just any summer themed aesthetic movie that you can think of.

Dance to your summer playlist: The songs that made you think summer was endless and the ones that where top hits during the months of June and July; combine them all into a playlist and you get your summer jams. Check out our summer sentiment playlist on our Spotify: bluedevilsblog

Use a tanning lotion: It’s crazy how dull your skin can look just from the cold. A great solution can be using some tanning spray or lotion (invest in some nice sprays or some gradual tanning lotion) just make sure you don’t look orange, it doesn’t go well with the winter wonderland outside.

Clean the winter out of your room: As funny or as lame as it sounds, cleaning your room (if you really get into it and throw away or donate stuff) can destress you from you winter issues. Take the time to clean up the pants and the sweaters that are thrown on the floor or the messy boots and shoes that clutter your room. Cleaning away all the winter stuff will make you feel less cold. Turn up the heat a little and light a summery candle and jam out to your summer playlist.