Feature Teacher: Senorita Parker


Joe Padula

Seniorite Parker is working this semester with Mrs. Smith as a Spanish teacher.

Joe Padula, Staff Writer

This year at Bellwood-Antis High School, you will find two student teachers from Pennsylvania State University, and one of them happens to be the Blueprint’s feature teacher of the month: Senorita Parker.

Senorita received her inspiration to teach Spanish from a Spanish teacher she had in high school. Senorita recalls: “She was always very enthusiastic and motivated me, I even travelled to Puerto Rico with her.”

Senorita Parker attended State College Area High School. With a graduating class of over 600 hundred students and located in a city, State High has obvious differences from Bellwood-Antis.

“The classes are a lot smaller. I know students that I don’t even teach, which is a lot different from where I went to school. Even the area around the school is a lot different,” said Senorita.

I know students that I don’t even teach, which is a lot different from where I went to school.”

— Senorita Parker

Although relatively new to teaching, Senorita stills enjoys the challenges and joys of the profession.

“My favorite part of teaching is when I am explaining a new concept and the kids are having a tough time understanding it but finally I will find the right way or give the right example and the kids finally understand what you are teaching,” she said.

Current B-A Spanish teacher Senora Smith believes that Senorita Parker is ready to become a teacher.

” Senorita Parker is going to be an excellent Spanish teacher. Wherever she gets a job they will be very lucky to have her as a teacher.”

Senorita offers great advice to anyone who is aspiring to become a teacher.

“Talk to someone that is a teacher currently that can give you advice on what age group to teach,” she said.  “Also, make sure that you have a passion so you can share that passion with the students that you are teaching.”

When her student teaching ends Senorita Parker hopes to find a job near home that she can teach high school Spanish.

“I hope to find a job teaching high school somewhere near home in PA, although after getting some teaching experience I could possibly go to a Spanish speaking country and teach,” she said.