The Final Push: Pop Tabs For Service Dogs


Myranda Mamat

Bellwood-Antis is making one more push for students to bring in those pop tabs.

Ethan McGee, Staff Writer

It’s coming down to the final push. The days of the collection of pop tabs for service dogs is coming to an end.

This year, the entire Bellwood-Antis School District has been involved in a fundraiser collecting pop tabs to pay for the training of service dogs in Central PA.

Service Paws of Central PA is a local organization that was started by an Altoona resident, Ms. Leslie Kelly, who also owns a service animal.

“Our B-A proud school district has done an outstanding job this year in supporting the Service Paws “tab” collection,” said project organizer Mrs. Linda Noonan. “Leslie Kelly, the founder, just can’t stop talking what an outstanding school district we have here in Bellwood.”

We would like to make one big final Spring Drive to finish off the year. Please keep filling up those containers.

It costs about $50,000 to train a service dog, and more than 25,000 Americans use these service dogs.  These high cost are exactly the reason why Mrs. Noonan got the students involved.

We are calling you B-A! There is a small carton in each homeroom of every building including the elementary, middle, and high school. Our school has been doing a great job so far so there is no point in slowing down now!

Let’s be honest, collecting the pop tabs laying around your house and carrying them into school isn’t a difficult task.

Service Dogs are very important, and sometimes even a necessity, for some people to get through their day. The dogs are trained to help people living with physical or mental disabilities, and they make the lives of people with disabilities much easier.

“We would like to make one big final Spring Drive to finish off the year.  Please keep filling up those containers and helping people benefit from Service Paws to live a productive life,” Mrs. Noonan said.

This is our calling B-A, let’s show the community how giving we are as a district.  So there you have it, let’s get in those pop tabs!