Artist of the week: J.J. Estep


Courtesy photo

JJ Estep qualified for District orchestra as a cello player.

This week’s Artist of the Week is the sophomore who moved to Bellwood this year from Altoona, Joseph James Estep.  

J.J. plays the Cello for the Bellwood-Antis High school band. He has played the cello for 7 years. He started when he was only eight years old.  

Being part of the band is a cool experience to Estep. He enjoys playing in a non-orchestra environment and hearing all the different and unique band instruments.  

Although J.J. just recently participated in District Orchestra though the Bellwood-Antis band, he still finds different things he wants to improve on.

“I hope to learn and improve on reading and playing higher clefs such as tenor and treble,” said Estep.  

While he may only be a sophomore, J.J. has hopes to play in an orchestra after he graduates.  

“I’m not sure where I would like to play but I hope to be able to travel around and get to play in many music halls and theaters,” said Estep.  

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