Why are mean people popular?


What makes mean people the popular ones?

I am 18 years old. I’ve learned and been through many things. But recently, I have been pondering ( as I usually do) why popular people are the mean ones. Why people choose to hang around people that are rude, selfish, and just flat out mean. Who wouldn’t want to be around someone that is nice, caring, and honest? I just don’t understand. So I’ve come up with a couple of reasons why mean people are the popular ones and why people are drawn to them. 

Self worth is a very serious thing. It takes many years, therapy, and self healing to understand your worth. Maybe some people believe that they only deserve to be around mean people. They don’t even notice how they’re treated by them. That they don’t matter or are cared about. If this is you, and you don’t value yourself, please realize your worth. Stop hanging around those kind of people. Do good things for yourself. Buy yourself things for self care, or something you really wanted. Listen to good music, and get yourself some food you’ve been craving. 

Mean people are popular because others are scared of them. They are afraid of their presence, afraid to not stick up for themselves. Afraid that if they don’t do what they want, they will be punished in some sort of way. Whether it be rumors, ignoring, or an awful prank, the wrath will come down. Now, I know that Bellwood does a good job at trying to stop bullying but its not 100 percent. Things still go on; and believe me, I know that this happens at every school, but at least Bellwood tries. 

And lastly, the worst thing about mean people is the fact that they have the teachers fooled. And the teachers love them! It makes me so mad because I know what they’re really like. I know this may sound like an essay, but it’s just me sorting my thoughts out onto paper to help my thoughts calm down. So, once again, if you are involved with people who make you feel like crap, belittle you and bring you down, remove yourself from them. You don’t need them. And if you feel guilty for leaving them because you’re a better person, don’t worry because they don’t deserve you. Believe me, they will suffer one day for their actions.