ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Patrick Coakley


Patrick Coakley takes the field with his parents on Senior Hight. (Kimberly Bennett)

Patrick Coakley has loved his time in Bellwood-Antis band, even though his future may not include playing much music.

His plans for after graduating is driving truck part time and taking over his family farm. Outside of school he rides horses and works on trucks.

Patrick has been picked for the Artist of the Week

Patrick has been in band since 4th grade. He plays the Alto Sax and the Baritone Sax.

The best part of band for him is creating quality music. He also enjoys the camaraderie. Patrick said, “I would tell someone that was looking to join band, just do it. You meet new people and make new friends.”.

Patrick was influenced to join band because he loves music and his sister joined band when she was in 4th grade also.

All in all, Patrick has no regrets joining band.

“It was fun and if I was able to go back and do it again I would,” he said.

Band Dirctor Mr. Patrick Sachse has valued Patrick’s contributions as well, even those away from playing music.

”Patrick has always been a hard working and dependable member of band. I greatly appreciate his hand loading the equipment van and taking care of other logistics,” said  Mr. Sachse.