Isabelle Kelley

Mrs. Kuhn was inspired to teach by teaching her son.

Middle school teacher Stephanie Kuhn didn’t always want to be a teacher, but watching her son grow up and experiencing his own learning changed her mind.

Mrs. Kuhn originally started college for business

“As I watched my son learn, I decided to become a teacher. I love learning,” she said.

Mrs. Kuhn has been a teacher since 2003. She teaches fifth grade science along with English and spelling.

Always a teacher on the move, Mrs. Kuhn said if she  could be anything other than being a teacher, she would want to do something very active, like becoming an MMA fighter. It’s not surprising then that in her free time she likes to be in nature, Her favorite thing is camping near a small stream and going fly fishing.

Mrs. Kuhn’s favorite thing about teaching, on the other hand, is when students tell her a year later what they remembered learning with her.

“Teaching can definitely be stressful, more so lately with the COVID,” she said. “However, I enjoy the time I spend with my students. It’s very rewarding!”