Artist of the Week – Jocelyn McGuire


Victoria Jenkins

Jocelyn McGuire is the Artist of the Week.

Jocelyn McGuire has always had a love for music, even since she was very young.

Not only does she listen to her favorite artists, she writes music.

The thing she loves most about writing is she finds it very therapeutic. “I love writing to make people feel something,” she said,

Jocelyn has been named the BuePrint’s Artist of the Week.

The junior has been writing since before she can remember.

Her songs fill notebooks from throughout the years.

She plays piano, guitar, and vocals.

Jocelyn wants to become a bit more experienced in guitar and work on improvisation skills.

Jocelyn’s biggest influence HAS to be Adele. “Her songs always capture so much emotion. You could listen to one of her songs and never feel the same thing twice.”