Johanna Heckman

Halee Young dabbles in many aspects of the arts, including painting, poetry, and music.

Johanna Heckman, Staff Writer

This week’s artist is Halee Young. Along with painting and drawing, in her free time she writes poems and music.

She doesn’t have a favorite medium of art but if she had to pick it would have to be a tie between writing and painting. They can both go hand and hand depending on the situation. 

She constantly makes art whether it is in her head or on paper. “If I’m not making my own little songs. I’m listening to the constant playlist in my head,” said Halee. 

Halee even publishes her work on her own YouTube channel. Her most popular song on her channel is a cover of the song “Plastic Jesus,” but she also publishes original works, as well.

Halee Young YouTube

One of many of her influences is classic blues and folk musicians. “Mainly the topics they write about inspire me,” she said.

She dislikes the look and process of hyper realistic art work. “It looks tacky and uncreative,” she said.