Super Senior: Nick Kost


Tighe Eaken Jr.

Nick Kost rocking his new Star Wars sweater.

Tighe Eaken Jr., Staff Writer

Nick Kost is a senior who has been going to Bellwood-Antis for 13 years, ever since he was in kindergarten.

Nick spends the first half of his day here at Bellwood-Antis, then spends the second half at the CTC, where he attends his favorite subject, carpentry construction.

Nick is a multi-sport athlete, participating in football and baseball all throughout his high school career. Nick was named to the ICC all-star team as a kicker this year during his final year of football. 

Nick’s favorite thing about living in Bellwood is the “breathtaking scenery” that this town has to offer. “Seemingly every street and under every bridge, you can find nature in its purest form,” he said.

Nick is also a firm believer in the fact that there will one day be a zombie apocalypse.

“In my free time, I like to play golf, hangout with my friends, and prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse,” Nick said.

Nick’s favorite teacher is Industrial Arts teacher Mr. Crowell.

“He is not only the smartest teacher, but he is excellent with his hands. These qualities ultimately make him well equipped for the inevitable zombie apocalypse,” said Nick.

Nick plans on making a career in the construction industry when he graduates high school.