Fantasy Football Week 3 preview

Cory Parson, Staff Writer

This week in fantasy looks to be like a good one. Starting week 3, all Yahoo fantasy leagues now give more precise predictions made by the average points given up to their position by opponents during the first two weeks. This gives fantasy owners more information when trying to create their winning lineup.

The Buffalo Bills give up the fourth most fantasy points to the wide receiver position, which means that Miami Dolphins Elite wide receiver Jarvis Landry will have a field day on Monday. He is projected to score 22.5 points and I don’t see him obtaining any less than his expectations. Also, Cincinnati’s front 7 is struggling this year, giving up the most fantasy points to the running back positions, so I believe that Justin Forsett will be running all over the Bengals this weekend.

Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers give up the most fantasy points to the quarterback position, I wouldn’t suggest starting Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles. He has no legit targets to throw to on a consistent basis. I would keep him on your bench, or even in the free agent market, if you have the choice.

Even though the Steelers give up the most fantasy points to the quarterback position, I wouldn’t suggest starting Blake Bortles.

Julio Jones has a tough matchup this week against Dallas. Even though Jones is a top 5 receiver in the league, Dallas has the advantage here with their top tier secondary that will shut down Julio all day. He might explode for a big play or two, but I highly doubt that he will reach the 20.4 fantasy points that he is projected.

All in all, this week in fantasy should be easier to choose your lineup. Don’t always go with the big name, because sometimes the matchup could be in your opponents favor. Make sure a lot of things go into account when creating your winning team this week.